Tips for Improving Restaurant Service

The Restaurant Service is a very demanding and challenging industry. Based on statistics, a great number of restaurants usually fail within the first year. With all said, this industry can be a very exciting and rewarding one if all the personnel involved continuously work on improving the service/s that they offer. Some of the ways or tips for improving restaurant service are as follows:-


Potential customers who enter a restaurant are not just coming to eat. They expect a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. They are seeking an experience. In the waiting area, seating should be available and if patrons have a waiting period of half an hour or more, perhaps, an inexpensive drink )non-alcoholic) drink could be provided. Effort should be made to have furnishings attractive yet functional. Although a restaurant is in located within, it would be very appealing to bring a little of the outdoors within. This could be done by decorating with green plants at strategic spots and a water fountain at the entrance. Piped background soft music is always appealing.


Waitresses/Waiters are very important assets to the restaurant service. They are the backbone of the industry. Sadly, many of them are not given the right compensation and respect. Therefore, many restaurants lose out on invaluable staff. Because of this, there is constant rehiring of staff who are hurriedly trained. It does not matter how great a meal is, if a waiter is impolite, that is what a patron will remember. Customers are looking for polite, friendly yet professional service from staff. Proprietors should make staff feel like they are a valuable part of the business. Then, they will have partners for the life of the business. It is a win/win situation for all.


Now-a-days, most people are trying to include organic foods in their diet. With the rise of obesity in society, everyone is counting calories. Customers should have the caloric information on meals if requested. Some customers are willing to pay the extra so as to receive food that are grown locally without dangerous chemicals and pesticides. They are seeking healthy yet delicious meals. Moreover, as the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life”. At times, customers do get bored with the same dishes continuously offered. Therefore, it is a great idea that the chef uses creativity in the preparation of meals.


Everyone likes something free at some point in their life. In order to attract customers, it is a great marketing strategy to offer a discount on meals during days when business is in a slump. Perhaps, the elderly could get a discount daily and/or children under 12 years old could dine for free.


For those restaurants who have not utilized the Internet, it would be a opportune time to do so. It would be to a restaurant’s advantage to create an attractive web-site displaying some of its main dishes along with other pertinent information. Convenience is very important. Everyone is busy and is strapped for time. Some customers like the idea of making their reservations on line or ordering for delivery/pick-up. No doubt, sales will be increased by doing same.

With the above tips outlined, a restaurant service will be improved drastically and the balance sheet will reflect same.