Easy Side Dishes Made from Zucchini

Zucchini is such a versatile vegetable; it’s light and it’s one of the summer foods which recalls the sunny Mediterranean regions. Zucchini can be served with a barbecue, with chicken, fish or they are delicious with legumes such as chickpeas. The following recipes are made for four people as side dishes (some could also be served during an aperitif) and each recipe takes around 40 minutes to prepare.

Zucchini cakes

Ingredients: 2 medium potatoes, 2 medium zucchini, salt and pepper  olive oil, (optional: thyme, paprika, chillies, garlic powder or curry spices).

Peel and grate the potatoes. Grate the zucchini. Drain them. Season with salt and pepper (here you can add the other spices if you wish) and mix; form small patties. Heat olive oil in a pan and place the cakes on a medium fire to brown for about 10 min depending on the size of each unit. Turn and brown for another 6-7 min. Serve.

Grilled zucchini

Ingredients: zucchini, salt, pepper, olive oil, herbs (such as thyme or rosemary or parsley).

Take the amount of zucchini you want to cook and cut slices of about  1/3 of an inch and at an angle. Place in a bowl. Add about one tsp olive oil per whole zucchini used, add salt pepper and some herbs such as thyme or rosemary. Place on a hot barbecue or a hot griddle pan and brown the zucchini on both sides.

Zucchini and tomato millefeuille

Ingredients : 2 zucchini, 2 tomatoes, 4tbsp parmesan flakes, salt pepper, olive oil.

Heat the oven at 410 F. Slice the zucchini and the tomatoes. Season all the vegetables with the salt and pepper. Place one layer of zucchini in a baking tray, then place the tomatoes and then the parmesan. Start again: zucchini, tomato and parmesan and form little towers. Place in the oven for about 30 min. You might have to add some water or  broth during the baking process.

Zucchini mash

Ingredients: 6  medium zucchini, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 garlic cloves, 2 tbsp cream cheese, salt and pepper.

Peel the zucchini and cut them into about ½ inch cubes. Crush the garlic cloves. Boil water in a pan and add the zucchini with the garlic. Cook them for about 7-8 min, they should not be too soft. Remove the water and the garlic cloves. Pass the zucchini through a potato masher. Add the cream cheese, salt and pepper. Serve.  

Light breaded zucchini

Ingredients : 3 medium sized zucchini, 1 pot yogurt (you will probably need less), 2/3 of a cup bread crumbs, salt and pepper, 1 ½ tbsp dry roasted ground Hazelnuts, 2 tbsp thyme leaves, 5 tbsp grated gruyere cheese, olive oil.

Slice the zucchini at an angle, each slice should be a bit less than a ½ inch. Mix the breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, hazelnuts, thyme and cheese. Mix and rub the preparation together. Brush a zucchini slice with the yogurt on both sides. Transfer the slice to the breadcrumb mix and coat both sides. Repeat with the rest of the zucchini. Heat two tbsp in a pan and delicately add the zucchini to brown, make sure that all of the slices touch the surface of the pan. If there is not enough place take two pans or do it in two batches (in this case keep the cooked zucchini warm in the oven on low heat). Cook for about 5-6 min and gently turn them to brown on the other side for another 5 min. Serve.

Braised zucchini

Ingredients: 500g zucchini, 2 garlic cloves, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1tbsp balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

Chop the garlic. Cut the zucchini into slices (half the slices in case the zucchini are too large). Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the zucchini. Add the garlic. Turn the zucchini and continue cooking for another 5 min. Add the salt, pepper, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar.