Bangkok Airways -the Award Winning Airline of Thailand

The Boutique Airline, or Bangkok Airways, has gained great respect as a high-quality regional airline in Asia. While there is an ever-increasing number of people wanting to visit this area of the world, many of them wish to go beyond capital cities, like Bangkok. Therefore, Bangkok Airways offers a wide range of flights and deals to make it easy for travelers to visit all of Thailand and neighboring countries at an affordable price.

Bangkok Airways is focusing on passenger comfort, as part of their Boutique Airline campaign, and as such have designed passenger lounges that are relaxing and comfortable. No matter the class they are traveling, all passengers can access lounges that other airlines usually provide only for their top passengers travelling in business or first class. While waiting in the lounges provided by Bangkok Airways you will find that you have internet access, free drinks and snacks as well as a play area for children. You will find your trip is much more enjoyable when you are traveling long distances and have access to great lounges.

Not to mention this airline offers both commercial and charter flights throughout the indo china region with one way and round trip options. For business travelers or people planning a special trip or tour, a charter flight can be very convenient, as it allows you to select your own time and locations to suit your schedule.