Lightly Breaded Salmon Croquettes

I think my love of experimenting in the kitchen came from being unable to do so while growing up. My mother never seemed to want anyone, other than herself, to cook in her kitchen. Whether this was an issue of ownership or fear of children wasting ingredients and making a mess, I am not sure. However, her possessive attitude toward her kitchen delayed my opportunity to acquire any culinary skills. Once able to enter my own kitchen, I found great pleasure in cooking and soon began attempting to improve an existing recipe and to develop my own creations.

I have discovered that terriyaki sauce and salmon are perfect companions. The terriyaki sauce gives the salmon a unique flavor, yet does not overpower the taste of the salmon. Most southern cooks combine their choice of ingredients in a bowl with canned salmon and pat out cakes to fry in a skillet. However, while they put a lot of breading into the croquettes, they put no coating on the croquettes prior to dropping them in the hot oil. Bought croquettes are always breaded so there had to be a happy medium. The following recipe was developed by trial and error in finding that perfect medium for my terriyaki flavored salmon croquettes.

This recipe is quite simple to prepare and very budget friendly as it will easily feed four adults or a family of two adults and four children. Salmon is a very nutritious food for us to include in our diet and I believe you will find the aroma of this recipe quite enticing and the flavor incredibly delicious.



1 Can 16-18 ounces Salmon

2 eggs

1/2 Cup milk

1 Tablespoon terriyaki sauce

1 slice toasted bread

1/4 medium white onion, minced



1 Cup all purpose flour

1/4 Cup corn meal mix

Canola oil


* Open and drain the can of salmon, placing it in a medium mixing bowl.

* Using a fork, look through the salmon, remove any bone you see and discard it.

* Add a dash each of salt and pepper, to taste.

* Add 1 egg and the minced onion.

* Toast and crumble one slice bread into the mixing bowl with the salmon.

* Add 1 tablespoon of terriyaki sauce.

* Work all the ingredients together, either with a fork or by squeezing with a clean hand, until well blended. Set aside.

* Place a half inch deep layer of canola oil in the bottom of a skillet. Bring to medium heat.

* In a shallow bowl, combine 1 egg and the milk. Whisk by hand.

* Place the flour and cornmeal mix in a shallow bowl. Add a dash of salt and pepper and mix well with a clean fork.

* Pinch enough salmon mixture into your clean hand to roll into a ball and pat out a round croquette. It should be between 2 1/2 – 3 inches wide across the middle and approximately 1/2 inch in thickness.

* Use a slotted spatula to dip the croquette into the egg mixture and drain off the excess mixture.

* Place the croquette in the flour mixture and lightly flour on both sides. Shake spatula to remove excess flour mixture.

* Drop the croquette into the hot skillet of oil. Repeat process until all croquettes have been breaded and placed in the skillet.

* Fry on both sides until coating is a medium golden brown.

* Remove croquettes to a paper towel lined platter to drain excess cooking oil from the croquette.

* Serve with your choice of vegetables.

This recipe is extremely tasty and wonderful served with mashed potatoes, green beans, and baby carrots. It makes a quick, but hearty meal to serve your family when you are in a hurry and have little time to cook.

How to Make a Shrimp Boil

A Shrimp Boil is any kind of recipe that involves using boiled shrimp in combination with vegetables or other ingredients and cooking them into a coherent dish. There are many different types of shrimp boils that are of a Cajun variety and many are spicy, but shrimp can be prepared in any number of ways that can complement any favorite dish when cooked in a boil. Some recipesĀ and some of those dining on them might prefer that the shrimp be shelled, but some of the tastiest shrimp boils involve leaving the shell on so that it traps in flavor and keeps cooking juices in contact with the shrimp itself. Some more expanded shrimp boils may also include other types of seafood such as crab legs or clusters, and clams; there is simply no limit on creativity when it comes to making a good shrimp boil.

When boiling shrimp it is important to keep in mind that when thawed they do not take very long to cook thoroughly. This is especially true with small shrimp, and to a lesser degree with jumbo shrimp. There is also the added option of cooking the shrimp in just plain water and perhaps with a bit of butter, or to cook the shrimp in a type of seafood stock for a distinct flavor. The choice often depends upon what other ingredients are going into the dish, but in all cases if the shrimp is to be added to another component in the boil and cooked to a further degree, cook them almost to the point of completion separately. Once they reach this point they should be drained and further prepared to be added to the other ingredients.

Some shrimp boil recipes include corn on the cob and potatoes, onions, and sometimes even mushrooms. Potentially any combination of vegetables or even other meats can be added to the boil, as well as any base sauce flavoring. In a shrimp boil that includes other seafood such as clams it may be necessary to cook them to completion before adding them to the rest of the dish, always be aware of these cooking time variations when multi tasking the preparation of the various ingredients. Basically everything else that can go into a shrimp boil will take longer to cook than the shrimp itself so it is best to start those ingredients first, especially if potatoes are to go into the final product.

If a base sauce is being prepared for the other ingredients to be cooked in, whether a tomato based sauce or otherwise, the shrimp should be allowed to simmer in it for a bit in order to absorb the flavor of the sauce. In some shrimp boils the dish itself can be built from the sauce up, slowly simmering a broth and diced ingredient combination while boiling in meats or larger ingredients.

Perhaps the simplest type of shrimp boil is to make what is essentially a steamer bucket. This involves using a tall pan filled with boiling water, an appropriate amount of butter and seasonings for flavor, adding the ingredients, then covering over low heat from a boil to a simmer to produce a steaming effect. A steamer pot shrimp boil can be easily made including jumbo shrimp, crab legs, clams, crawfish, or any other number of ingredients. The finished product can be served with a choice of butter and garlic sauce or another preferred dip.

Dry cough in babies: All you need to understand!

pictures of cough in babies
Dry cough in infants, during the night time, is often far from really serious and even resolves within just about a full week with virtually no medical therapy. Yet, if your child is actually younger than Three months old, you’re advised to contact your pediatrician immediately since infants are at greater probability of side effects like pneumonia. If the little one is actually more than Three months and doesn’t experience any kind of worrisome signs and symptoms, you can actually go through the strategies listed below. Please be aware that probably none belonging to the described suggestions is likely to make the cough disappear instantly. Yet, if your child comes with an uncomplicated higher breathing irritation, it may resolve along with other signs and symptoms within a couple of days.

Child dry cough treatment during the night idea:

#1: Raise your infant’s head. This can limit the drainage connected with mucus coming from the nose area and also sinuses in to the throat that is the key root cause connected with nighttime cough since the mucus prevents the very breathing passages. You can even raise the bed linens inside your baby’s crib through positioning a pillow underneath the bedding. Make sure, even so, to never place any sort of bedroom pillows or perhaps some other items within the baby bed for the reason that they pose an important potential for asphyxiation and boost the likelihood of the sudden infant death syndrome.

#2: Provide your child heated or maybe cold fluid or perhaps milk. Both together heated and also cool drinks aid eliminate the mucus, make it much easier to cough up as well as calm the throat. You’re additionally strongly recommended to provide your child a good amount of fluids throughout the day to maintain him/her adequately hydrated. Exactly like grownups, children require much more fluids to remain hydrated if they are ill.

#3: Use a humidifier simply because dry air flow irritates the very air passages and helps make the coughing a whole lot worse. A humidifier will probably minimize sinus blockage and also assist in inhaling and exhaling with which a lesser amount of frustrating mucus is going to be drained inside your infant’s throat. Yet make sure you remember that humidifiers are actually the ideal raising surface regarding fungal and also bacterias. You really are strongly recommended to wash it based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

#4: Carry your infant into your bathroom, run a hot bath as well as shut down the door to let the vapor to calm your infant’s inflamed airways and also throat. This kind of infant cough cure through the night is most effective in case it is utilized along with a humidifier.

#5: You should never make use of any kind of herbal treatments and also over-the-counter cough medicines unless of course you are explicitly permitted to utilize them by your infant’s physician. However some can be quite very helpful in more mature young children, almost all herbal treatments and also over-the-counter coughing prescription drugs could cause severe adverse reactions in infants. Apart from using the stated suggestions, you are definitely in addition suggested to make certain that your infant is actually relaxed and he/she receives enough sleep along with liquids in the daytime.